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Have you heard of the Tohoku District? It is an area in the North East of Japan rich in knit manufacturing history, where we have been producing yarns and knitted products for generations. Over time, most manufactures were forced to move their factories overseas, due to rising costs. Unfortunately, this means that 99.5% of knitted products in Japan are now imported from foreign countries. We haven’t let these circumstances affect us, however. We still produce all our products in Tohoku, from spinning, dyeing, spooling, knitting, sewing, washing and inspecting the final product.

Japan in East Knit was founded by Eastern Japan Knitwear Manufacture Group in June 2011, right after the earthquake and tsunami hit. Some of our factories are located in the area that was hit by the tsunami. Our mission is to support Japan-made knitting products and to create more job opportunities in Tohoku, especially for those devastated by the tsunami.

Products approved by the Japan in East Knit organization may use a special tag to remember 3.11 and to prove the products were 100% made in Japan, along with our brand spirit. A portion of the funds from these products will be donated to the manufacturers who have been struggling to maintain their business after the disaster.

[ Production process ]

Yarn → Staining → Spool → Knit → Sew → Washing → Iron → inspection → Packing

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